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Safest Crypto Trading App to Know

Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading

Bitcoiva Exchange is  the youngest cryptocurrency exchange  which had its launch in 2020. Since from then, it has seen a rapid growth in its journey. It is a leading platform that supports various transactions like fiat to crypto trading and crypto to crypto trading. Bitcoiva works 24/7.

Bitcoiva has gathered so much fame within few years. Both the high speed trading, and low commission charges and the availability of cryptocurrencies made the users draw to this trading platform. It is constantly progressing and increasing in trading volumes.

What is Crypto Trading

Crypto trading is simply buying/ selling of cryptocurrencies for other assets such as the fiat money. i.e. Indian Rupee (INR) .It allows users to trade with cryptocurrencies.

What is Crypto Trading App

This crypto Trading app gives a window  access to  the users to buy/sell cryptocurrency. Moreover, it works like a platform/exchange which gives you an update on real-time market prices, so that you can deposit and transact cryptos depending on   your choices.

Purpose of Crypto Trading App

The purpose of the crypto trading apps is that they give the traders an access to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many other more.

Crypto apps allow to track the trade in real-times, set real-time alerts, and to do advanced charting, and helping them with the trading decisions. Bitcoiva exchange app is planning to launch staking program soon.

Overview of Bitcoiva

Bitcoiva is a platform  for crypto trading between cryptocurrencies and with the fiat currency pairs. Bitcoiva crypto Exchange allows you to  trade with the  Bitcoin  and other popular currencies. Bitcoiva is a centralized exchange in  which the trade  is controlled   and handled on the internet of computers. It is one of the  India’s leading crypto exchange, with more than 5 lakh registered users. It enables to trade with 170 plus cryptos.

This trading platform have drawn many clients. Bitcoiva sells/buys/store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple  etc. Bitcoiva has its own token coin called the BCA (Bitcoiva). The trading transaction fee of Bitcoiva is 21million in the crypto market.

This trading exchange is built with various features, advanced tools and technologies. Its simple feature and function gives the users a friendly interface experience on both mobiles as well as web-based platforms. Bitcoiva works in peer to peer mode, where the users can trade directly without any intermediates.

Bitcoiva has introduced new options like the spot trading and swap options and aids in easy trading from anywhere from anyplace. It provides easy and quick trading within fraction of seconds. Bitcoiva Exchange App offers traders with best interest rates. Bitcoiva offers promising bonuses and incentives for monthly winners. It opens new doors for the traders in making money.  

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Crypto Trading
Pros of Bitcoiva

Bitcoiva supports number of cryptocurrencies and helps you to trade with the popular cryptos.

Provides a simple design and make it easy for the users to browse.

This app gives users a high protection on funds.

Charge no fee for deposits, trading commission fee is based on market average.

Bitcoiva has no restrictions on trading strategies.

It offers bonuses and rewards referrals.

Exchange allows mobile trading on iOS and android.

On deposit and withdrawal methods, Bitcoiva offers wide range selection option.

Bitcoiva Trading App

Bitcoiva is available in the google play store, with 5 lakhs plus users. This app allows it download it for free.

Trading Bitcoiva app gives the users a great user- interface experience. With smart features like instant swap option, it allows the users to swap cryptos without difficultly. In addition to this, Bitcoiva provides instant spot trading options, in which the users can buy/sell cryptocurrencies “at the spot”.

The payment options are instant on deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoiva on marketing strategies provides zero   restrictions while trading.

Safest App-Bitcoiva

Firstly Bitcoiva keeps things so simple for better usage. It is known well for its high security and protection.

For KYC (Know Your Client) Verification, Bitcoiva collects the users forms and other data to keep the traders account safe and secure.

Bitcoiva makes sure the users funds and assets are stored securely with the highly protected infrastructure and configuration.

It keeps the trader’s funds  and data from malicious attacks such as hacks and frauds.

All the user’s information is accessed by authorized users only. Users need to authenticate themselves with the username and password.

Bitcoiva has implemented measures to secure your data.

Moreover the security also depends on the user because Bitcoiva has given passwords to access certain services. All the data are confidential in Bitcoiva exchange. Hence you can trust Bitcoiva.

What Type of Documentation Does Bitcoiva Collect?

Bitcoiva collects your account data, which includes, your personal information, like the name, date of birth, age, nationality, gender, photos, phone number, home address, email address and proofs like driving license details, national identity cards, tax id number respectively.

The account data is processed for providing services, and maintaining backups and to communicate with you. Financial information like the bank account details are processed for the business. And correspondence data which includes the communication content   for the purpose of proper administration of the website and business and communication with the traders.

Bitcoiva process data relating to trades through website. The trade information includes trade id, payment method, buyer username seller username, advertisement information, bitcoin, price, currency, trade chats and timestamps of trade. The data are confidential and encrypted. Bitcoiva is a trustworthy exchange assuring complete security to the traders.

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Viral Pics: Hansika Motwani Knotted With Sohael Khaturiya Electric Vehicle Charges While Driving: Lightyear 0 Web3 Antivirus: An End to Crypto Spam Golf Has Arrived In New Free Nintendo Switch Sports Update Ruturaj Gaikwad Hits 7 Sixes In An Over, Smacked World Record